Sources of Inspiration 


Every Saturday Morning I tuned into CBC radio's science program Quirks and Quarks. It always has the most amazing stories.

When I was a kid I remember writing away to NASA asking for information. I always received this amazing package as a reply with all kinds of neat stuff about the Gemini and Apollo missions.

Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Columbia University  who has authored many books about about science and physics emphasizing education in a non-technical manor that everyone can relate to. My favorite was a work called the 'Elegant Universe' which was shown on Nova, one of my weekly 'must see' television programs. Always enlightening. 

Jay Ingram
Long time host of Discovery's Daily Planet Science television show. 

Steve Mann
Professor of Electrical  and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto who developed this amazing musical instrument called a Hydralophone which is a combination water-pipe-organ-flute.

Theodore Gray is co-founder of Wolfram Research, Popular Science, columnist, and element collector. He has done some amazing work on explaining the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Justin's artwork and imagination is always a source for inspiration.

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