About the Author: Gordon Klimenko

While Gord completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, he was fascinated by the beauty, power and value of the i8080 & Z80 microchips, which led him to complete a graduate studies degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba. The first half of his career was with Lockheed Martin and he is now Director of R&D Engineering Innovation at IMRIS Inc., focusing on image guided surgical imaging solutions. Both companies are located in Winnipeg, Canada, where he currently resides. He loves doing his own home renovations and is a Mopar car enthusiast.


            About the Artist: Justin Currie

Justin grew up on a farm outside the small town of La Riviere, Manitoba. Growing up with art and drawing as a large part of his life, it seemed only natural that he further his education in a art related field, including design and print production. Justin currently resides in Winnipeg, working in a video game studio and continues to draw on every scrap of paper he gets a hold of.


                                  About Rachel

Rachel is a young, curious student, passionate about our planet and it’s preservation. She’s confident the only way to do this is with creative, innovative thinking, and thirst for knowledge. 

She also has a passion for sushi- especially from Sushi.


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