Chapter 2: What is an Electron?

   To understand about about electricity one must understand what an electron is. This chapter contains 24 pages and begins with description of      the atom, atomic distances, electron cloud or atmosphere shapes as they relate to the periodic table, some basic chemistry, electromagnetism, and ends with atom trivia. All these topics are necessary to understand what an electron is which leads into how one can capture or quantize energy which is the basis of the digital world.


  When You Say Electrons Exist in a Cloud,  What Does That Mean?

   Let us imagine sitting in a room, listening to music which can be heard everywhere. Acoustic waves are transmitting energy in all

   directions which we call music or speech.  Wind energy and water-wave energy are transmitted by waves. Cell phones work

   because of electromagnetic waves. Imagine the speaker being the nucleus of an atom and the music is the electron and the

   room it exists in is the cloud shape. An electron is a spherical standing wave of energy around the nucleus of an atom.

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